Art Transmission

‘Art Transmission’ is a new radio experiment devised by Contemporary Arts
Practice FrancisKnight in partnership with BRFM Bridge radio. It will be
presented and broadcast through the Daniel Monday night community show.
The experiment has been devised to inspire clubs, groups and societies to
step out of their comfort zone and try something new. Art Transmission
will offer 3 micro-commissions to established artists to work with Swale
based groups to make new art for the airwaves, or experience new art that
is shared on the airwaves.
Art Transmission is part of four ‘Out of the
Ordinary’ Projects by Creative People and Places across Swale and Medway

Radio project consists of

  • Contemporary Arts Practice FrancisKnight
  • Community Catalyst Daniel Nash
  • BRFM Bridge Radio
  • Daniel Monday night
    community show

It is funded by Creative People & Places: Swale & Medway, which is an Arts
Council Programme designed to get more people engaged in the Arts.

post by Daniel


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