Jane Pitt Minster Golden Gloves – Blog 1

Accompanying photo to this blog @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/110507427@N06/12458137154/lightbox/

I’m yet to see Minster Golden Gloves Club in the daylight, the darkness of still short winter days adds to the sense of intense focus I find everytime I open the door from the inky streets of Blue Town into the brightly lit state of the art Boxing club.  There’s no time for idling here as the young boxers get straight into training mode, friendly banter briefly exchanged in moments between the training regime timed by the gym clock timer.. ‘STAND BY’ a loud BRRRRRRRriiiiiNg hails the start of each 3 minute section followed by the gentle shuffle & tup of deft footwork, the varied outbreaths Issch-Issch or tssch-tssch shadowed by the thwAhP & DwUHp of glove on bag or pad, interleaved with a breathy whirra-whirra-whirra-whirra of ropework.. the trainers coax and motivate, praise and push ‘hook..backhand..roll underneath it..backwards..right back..good boy/girl..jab-JABJAB..move..push em out..almost there..one more..almost there..one more..’  The intensity of sound and rhythm builds second by second until a trainer shouts ‘TEN SECONDS’ and everyone pushes themselves as hard as they can to that 3 minute bell BRRRRRRRriiiiiNg and the reminder to ‘BREATH’ ‘STRETCH OFF’ during the 1 minute interlude until the next 3 minute bell when a new soundscape unfurls as the boxers swap activities – bags to ropes, shadow boxing to pads, sparring or body work. 

To get my ears tuned into this very particular set of sounds and rhythms I’ve been nestling myself behind the Ring and on the sidelines making general field recordings of the club’s unique soundscape.  Listening intently and making phonetic sound notes trying to pin down the quality of each sound and where it sits in the ‘scape’.  The photo of my notebook pages above show drafts for sound notes from 3 minutes of time.

post by sound artist Jane Pitt



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