upcoming episodes of ‘Press your Ear to the Rail’ By sound artist Jim

upcoming episodes of ‘Press your Ear to the Rail’  By sound artist Jim 

Episode Three: Metals – for 21/04/14 will predominantly feature the metallic sounds that abound in the SKLR environs.

Episode Four: The Event – for 28/04/14 will feature a lengthy tale about the challenges of transporting conceptual art  on a light railway network.

Episode Five: Wildlife – for 05/05/14 will explore the habitat (including sections of the track and Milton Creek) and cast an eye over some of the local difficulties facing the SKLR and the spirited way the volunteers respond.

all episodes  will be aired after 8:00pm on BR FM Bridge Radio 95.6fm in swale and live online at http://www.brfm.net or http://tunein.com/radio/BRFM-956-s92168/ and as a podcast  after @ https://arttransmissionradioexperiment.wordpress.com/sound-art-podcasts/jim-whelton-art-transmission-1-sklr-press-your-ear-to-the-rail/



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