Jane Pitt

Jane is a multi- disciplinary artist from a visual and live arts background with a particular focus on sound.

Through her work she creates participatory and interactive work for outdoor and non-arts spaces.  This direct connection with people produces experiences that are co- created developing ways of engaging with people including the vocalising method she calls ‘Sounding’.

Her projects have covered site specific vocal sound commissions to residencies and installations.

For Art Transmission Jane will create a sound piece in collaboration with members of the club that draws out the rhythms, rigours and passion for the sport.  The work will record speech, ambient ‘Field’ sounds (footwork, rope work etc) associated with the sport and vocalised sounds in dialogue with the club. Her radio piece will focus on the timed bouts that reference the rules of amateur Boxing (either 2 minute or 3 minute rounds depending on the boxer’s experience) to create emotion, tension, excitement and interest as the listener goes the Rounds and lives the Bouts.

Jane Pitt  is working with Minster Golden Gloves Amateur Boxing club

http://www.janepitt.co.uk/proj.html  http://soundcloud.com/northkentflutterances


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