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first official day at the Golden Gloves

Jane and I had our first official day at the Golden Gloves Gym today and it was a real eye opener to how much hard work and dedication goes into becoming a boxer. The intensity of the training was truly impressive and the dedication of the boxers is something to admire. Our second visit is tonight and I can’t wait!

Great visit to SKLR today

Great visit to the railway today, heard some amazing stories and history of Sittingbourne. Hopefully got some great stuff but besides I had a fantastic time listening in! I look forward to the next meeting and cant wait to meet more enthusiasts and hear their stories.

post by photographer Simon Martin 

Photographer Simon Martin’s second meeting with Jim at the SKLR

I had my second meeting with Jim on Wednesday and thankfully the weather was kinder to us. It was good to meet some more of the members as they performed some maintenance work on the site and we had a chance to speak to them about the history of the railway. Wow, there is a lot that has gone on here and the original family owners of the paper mill and railway contributed a lot to Sittingbourne and the surrounding areas.

I’m really looking forward to our next meeting at the railway and can’t wait to hear more stories!

post by photographer Simon Martin 

Photographer Simon Martin’s first visit to the SKLR with sound artist Jim Whelton

Jim and I visited the railway for the first time together and it was great to see him work, we spent the day having a tour around the grounds and meeting some of the members. It was great, besides the horrific weather. I look forward to spending more time with the members of the railway and Jim. You can see some of the photos from our visit on the art transmission photo stream. http://www.flickr.com/photos/110507427@N06/with/11389100433/

post by photographer Simon Martin