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first visit to the horticultural Society

Alottments – I had my first visit to the Horticultural Society and I couldn’t be more excited to start working with Kate Chapman and the allotment holders. Already heard some great stories from some very interesting people!

Golden Gloves – Another great night at the gym, some new faces showed up and the training was as intense as ever. Can’t wait to make our next visit!

post by photographer Simon Martin 

Our second sound artist Jane Pitt has started working with The Golden Gloves Amateur Boxing Club

On Wednesday Laura, Louise Daniel and Simon met with Jane Pitt at The Golden Gloves Boxing Club in Blue Town. It was really good to meet up with Jane in the new year and for Jane to see the boxing club for the first time. It was also good for her to be able to meet Simon our documentary photographer. I certainly look forward to working with Jane on this part of the project.

post by Daniel