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All six episodes of ‘Press your Ear to the Rail’ & All 4 episodes of the “Don’t tickle me…Punch” (a radio programme piece of sound art) are all available as podcasts

All six episodes of ‘Press your Ear to the Rail’ (a radio programme piece of sound art) Art Transmission #1 by sound artist Jim Whelton working with the Sittingbourne and Kemsley Light Railway are all available at http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVQqwRHcZFYCgnUg1xAgmugchZNvzirif And All 4 episodes of the podcast  “Don’t tickle me…Punch” (a radio programme piece of sound art) Art Transmission #2 By sound artist Jane Pitt & the Minster golden gloves boxing club are all available at http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVQqwRHcZFYAivq1jCAaH4AXr2vmy3wwa

Jane Pitt Minster Golden Gloves – Blog 2“Don’t tickle me…Punch”

“Don’t tickle me…Punch”

It’s easy to forget the outside world when I’m at Minster Golden Gloves Club.  Everyone is there for the training, all activity and even the chat is mostly about boxing – total focus.  There’s still a great feeling of inclusion.  Sometimes I’m so engrossed in listening and recording the sounds I don’t always hear when one of the trainers teases me or a young boxer suddenly becomes aware of his language, so a tuneful serenade by a trainer directly into the mic is a gentle surprise!

After weeks of focusing on particular sounds and recording with a shotgun mic I’ve switched to using a contact mic, partly as a way to seperate the general ambient racket from the sounds directly related to boxing; but also because I’m interested in finding the sounds we can’t hear directly with our ears through the air, the hidden sounds.  I also like the synchronicity of recording a contact sport with a contact mic..!

The club building is built around a central stucture of steel girders with a grid bolted on for hanging the punch bags off.  By placing a contact mic on various parts of the steel structure I can record the screech and squeak of the chains that suspend the punch bags allowing them to swing freely, as well as the impact, rhythm and tempo of boxers training on them.  There are sounds more deeply submerged under the clammer and clang of punchbags which I’ve found by clamping the mic to the floor of the ring itself.  The base of the ring acts like a sound box, the contact mic picking up the tup and whisp of deft moves, split second timing footwork, hushed feints and sharp thwaps as a glove finds it mark.

Because my contact mic records in mono I’ve taken to leaving my headphones off one ear, this has the advantage of allowing me to hear the trainers’ narrative as they motivate, cajole and push the boxers limits.  A supportive stream of instruction, keeping up the boxers rhythm, imprinting the moves into their body’s physical memory, as each boxer develops their style and heart.  Top quote so far is “Don’t tickle me…Punch” .  I’ve been searching for a title, this is the top contender..

post by sound artist Jane Pitt

podcast An update from Jane Pitt

podcast http://youtu.be/tWavZmdXhiM An update from Jane Pitt 1 of 3 sound artist for Art Transmission, Jane is working with the Minster golden gloves Amateur boxing club. on at BRFM Bridge radiothe Daniel Monday Night Community Show at BRFM Bridge radio

podcast Jane Pitt a sound artist for Art Transmission on the Daniel Monday night community show at BRFM Bridge radio

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podcast http://youtu.be/-jJLTmfdfVI Jane Pitt a sound artist for Art Transmission she is working with Golden Gloves Amateur Boxing Club on the Daniel Monday night community show at BRFM Bridge radio

post by Daniel

first official day at the Golden Gloves

Jane and I had our first official day at the Golden Gloves Gym today and it was a real eye opener to how much hard work and dedication goes into becoming a boxer. The intensity of the training was truly impressive and the dedication of the boxers is something to admire. Our second visit is tonight and I can’t wait!

Minster Golden Gloves Amateur Boxing Club

Laura, Louise, Daniel & Simon met with Minster Golden Gloves Amateur Boxing Club to discuss the project further. It was really good for us to meet them and them to meet us, I think this is a really important part of the project. We were all really impressed with their facilities and a great atmosphere.

post by Daniel